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NonToxic Beauty: Why Is It Important?

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NonToxic Beauty: Why Is It Important?

Nontoxic Beauty- Why Is It Important?

In recent years, society has been moving to add clean beauty products into their lives. It’s more important today for consumers that the products they put on their skin are good for them, the environment around them and their household.

What is non-toxic/clean beauty?

Non-toxic beauty refers to beauty, cosmetics, makeup, and personal care products whose ingredients do not include substances that have been known to cause toxic responses in humans. Some of these ingredients are toxic chemicals known to cause serious problems such as organ problems, birth defects, and even cancer. Even less harmful ingredients can still have a damaging effect on sensitive skin. Many clean beauty brands, when beginning the journey of formulation, start with a “black list”, a list of ingredients they don’t want in their product line and initiatives they want to be mindful of. Khalm Skincare® began with better for you, nontoxic formulations, sustainability in packaging and sourcing, and inclusivity as our tenants.

What does clean beauty entail for brands?

Many brands have taken the step to be clean by being transparent about the ingredients they are using and being specific. They have also been known to associate with terms such as “vegan”, “cruelty-free”, “eco-friendly” and “sustainably sourced”. This is incredibly important because a lot of brands will “greenwash” a beauty product and use marketing to convey that their products are good for you and the environment. Khalm Skincare® has taken steps to be certified in all of the above, going one step further in our claims process.

How is Khalm Skincare® a clean beauty brand?

Khalm Skincare® is vegan, cruelty-free, and EU-regulated. Eighty percent of Khalm Skincare® formulations are made in glass bottles, which means that they can be cleaned and recycled while preventing plastic from leaching into the formulation. Our products use naturally derived ingredients while being paraben, phthalate-free, and mostly sulfates-free (our cleanser has sulfates, so it can have a lathering effect when used). We do not use harmful chemicals in our skincare. A key natural ingredient of Khalm Skincare® products is the Ayurvedic oil Oud. Oud is among the most highly prized essential oils on the planet. It has been known to be very scarce and sought after, being on an endangered species list, which is why Khalm Skincare® sources our Oud from a sustainable farm in Vietnam.

What does this mean for you?

This means that all the products that are being put on your skin are ethically sourced and good for you and your household. Our team has taken the time to pick ingredients to create a skincare line that is “better for you” no matter your skin type or color. It’s a company mission that we live on the ethical, non-toxic, and safe side for our consumers. Let’s face it, all family members use and share products in one household. Khalm Skincare® wanted to make sure sharing could be possible and safe.

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