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Yasmin Khan's Fall 2021 Faves: Beauty Trends & Products

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Yasmin Khan's Fall 2021 Faves: Beauty Trends & Products

As the owner of a beauty business, part of Yasmin's job is to keep up with all the latest trends and products in the industry (talk about perks of the job!).

Today, Khalm Skincare founder, Yasmin Khan, shares her favourite Fall beauty trends and products in 2021.


1. Foilayage Hair

Foilayage Hair uses a combination of balayage and foils to create a brighter and more natural looking finish. The technique began in France, where the colorist sections off hair to apply the dye and then, wraps it in foil to develop. The result is an amplified brightness while retaining the face-framing effect of balayage. 

2. Botanical Hair Treatment

Botanical hair treatments are created from plants-powered ingredients. The goal is a product that is suitable for all hair types and makes your hair shinier, stronger, and full of life. 

3. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Lipstick

Shade: Pillow Talk available at Charlotte Tilbury

This lipstick is truly a wonder! It softens, protects, and hydrates your lips while giving a bold, fuller, and healthy appearance that lasts for hours!

4. Gold Nail Polish

Essie gold polish

Gold nail polish offers the perfect accent to all your fall fashion this year! With silvery undertones, this shade from Essie shimmers but is subtle enough for everyday wear. 

5. Overnight Oil Elixir from Khalm 

Khalm Skincare Overnight Oil Elixir

Who doesn't love a product that's an all-in-one treatment perfect for any skincare routine. Our oil elixir hydrates, offers UV protection, brightens, improves aging, and creates a healthy glow on the skin. Shop our oil elixir here or the whole collection here.


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