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Oud In Your Winter Skincare

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Oud In Your Winter Skincare

As winter approaches, the weather is getting cooler- meaning it’s time to start thinking about your winter skincare routine!

Yes, your routine should change slightly between summer and winter.

Why? Let’s discover how winter and cold weather affects your skin, and what you can do to fix it:

How does cold weather impact your skin?

No matter how warm you may dress, when the temperature drops, so does your skin’s moisture level. Cold temperatures result in dry air, which sucks moisture from your skin, lips, and hands.

In the summer, you may notice your skin produces more oil; but winter does the exact opposite. The strong winds, harsh scarves, and outdoor conditions can also cause irritation and inflammation. Therefore results in winter skin with dryness, cracking, itchy skin, and discomfort.

So, the question becomes how can we protect our skin to maintain the healthy glow we work so hard for? Keep reading for a winter skin care routine!

Winter Skincare Tips

1. Avoid long, hot showers

This one is a no-brainer. While staying in a warm shower feels relaxing after a cold day outside, it strips your skin of natural oils that are working to maintain your hydration. Instead, take shorter showers or opt for lukewarm water instead of hot water (this goes for washing your face and hands too!).

2. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

The cold winter months dry out your skin. Use thicker moisturizers and serums to enhance your skin’s moisture in your morning and evening routine. Our moisturizer uses the key ingredient oud to seal moisture into your skin, making it easier to retain your hydration. Oud is clinically proven to dramatically improve dry skin and restore skin tissues.

3. Gentle cleansing

Cleansing your skin is an important process, but during the winter it can strip your skin of its natural oils, making it difficult to protect your skin barrier. Instead, we recommend opting for a gentle oud-based cleanser which will clean your skin to keep it clear and radiant without it getting dry and tight. These are especially great for sensitive skin or oily skin.

4. Oud

We speak a lot about oud and its benefits because we truly believe in the power of this oil. To protect your skin this winter from; low humidity, strong winds, and harsh scarves, we recommend our oud-based oil elixir .

Oud naturally calms redness and creates a healthy glow. It is incredibly soothing in the winter and offers natural UV protection from the sun.

Learn more quick tips to protect your skin on our Instagram!