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Our Mission

In Khalm® we combine thousands of years of tradition with revolutionary skincare. Your skin deserves the best formula, results driven no matter your color or gender. I wanted to make an inclusive skincare line for myself and for all the people in my life. With Khalm®'s Oud formulations you will experience a true elevated awakening to your rituals.

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HELLO, I am the Mother of Khalm®, Yasmin.
When I was young, I used to hide from the world because I suffered from an overgrown hair condition known as Hypertrichosis. I turned to makeup for covering up in order to deal with my condition. Inadvertently I became a product junkie & a makeup guru for all my cousins. After having kids, my condition got better to near gone with the help of laser hair removal therapy. I started to focus on my skincare and wellness as a result.

BONJOUR, I found French Skincare.
In my 40s, I became a Francophile by finding French skincare and the country of France (I made my first trip to Paris at the age of 44). Because my skin was very sensitive with all the damage I had done by plucking, waxing, and threading, the low toxins found in European products worked perfectly for me. Then I had an idea…

SALAAM, I had an Awakening with Oud.
Why not create a product line with an ingredient from my homelands of India and Pakistan that had a French twist? I had been born with the smell of Oud all around me in Karachi and now found it in all the luxury perfumes & home scents I was purchasing in the United States. But why couldn’t I find it in my luxury french skincare aisle? A plan was hatched, I went to Paris again and I mothered or more incubated Khalm® from scientists. Today, I want to tell everyone about the healing, calming, and elevating properties of Oud through Khalm® and its revolutionary formulations. Let’s be Oudophiles together.

Why Oud?

Meet Dr. Qamar Khan

Everyone has someone they are crazy about. Dr. Khan is the love of my life, he is my north star. Ours is an unusual love story that rivals all stories, but for a later time. He is my muse, guide, supporter in all things “Yasmin” and “Khalm®”. He is a greater Oud Devotee than myself, and that is saying something. He is a pioneer in regenerative medicine and he would hate that I said this about him, he is a very humble soul. Without him all things are not possible and without me he is not certain. We make a great forever team. Sometimes at the medical office people call him “Dr. Khalm®” because he is so calm. When Dr. Khan is not practicing medicine he is expanding his luxury perfume collection. His favorite Khalm® products are the Mattifying Moisturizer and the Salicylic Foaming Cleanser.

Why Oud?Shop Now
Khalm Oud Infused Skincare
Khalm Oud Infused Skincare


Khalm® is a place, moment, time in my life that I want to share with the rest of the world. It is the empowering legacy I want to leave with every girl I meet, including the two that I am raising. I created this brand as an act to redefine the expectations of a South Asian woman. I believe you can have family, get an education, and create a brand that feeds your raison d'être. I never expected to do all these things, however Khalm® was a calling that I could not ignore creating.

In Khalm® I encapsulate the comfort of Oud for a global citizenry in revolutionary times. Let the magical, mystical, graceful Oud with its super ingredients reach you, change you and redefine your rituals. Switch out the old for the new paradigm in skincare, Khalm®, an Oud infused skincare line that is revolutionary to the beauty industry.

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Mission & Vision

For every individual to experience the proven powers of Oud Science® skincare.

Bring cultural traditions to luxury skincare through Oud Science®

Designed to address many skin concerns for all people (gender neutral!). Are you ready to switch up to Oud?

The most precious elixir in the world. A rare raw material with woodsy scent and therapeutic properties. Used for centuries, globally. Are you ready to educate yourself about Oud?

Why Oud?
Khalm Oud Infused Skincare

Mindful Sourcing

Khalm®'s core ingredient, Oud (Agarwood) Essential Oil, is 100% natural and sustainably sourced from a family owned business spanning over 20 years in Vietnam. A CITES-certified facility, the plantation grows its own Aquilaria Crassnatrees to produce high-quality Oud, targeting phthalate level below 250 ppm and with very little use of plastic in the process.

Why Oud?

Clean Beauty

Khalm® believes in the Clean Beauty movement and creates products using only the highest quality ingredients, sustainably sourced to the best of our abilities with safety and self-care as a cornerstone in the development process.

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Khalm® Principles

Oud Science®

Oud Science® is Khalm®'s proprietary formulation, the essence of Oud reinvented through advanced skincare. All our lines will focus on driving results with Oud essential oil at the cornerstone of our DNA.

Minimize Plastics

80% of Khalm® formulations are housed in glass bottles which can be recycled after fully cleaning the bottle. Where we can minimize plastic usage we try to do so.

Do No Harm

Khalm® is cruelty-free and vegan certified by PETA. The EU (European Union) regulates our formulations and manufacturing processes. Khalm® is CITES certified making sure we do not harm any species of plants and fauna.

Naturally Derived Ingredients

Khalm®'s skincare line is a mixture of Oud essential oil and naturally derived ingredients for effective results. Khalm® remains 90% or higher in ingredients of natural origin. Khalm® is paraben, phenoxyethanol, and phthalate free.

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