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Recieve Free Standard Shipping for purchases over $200 with code “FreeShip” Shop Now

What is Oud?

The most precious oil in the world to elevate the soul while healing & calming it. Don't you want to try these results driven skincare products with one of the highest anti-oxidant values which prevents free-radicals from forming while providing a sensual aromas?

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A Timeless Scent Story

In honor of a timeless scent story, Khalm Skincare®  delivers the time-honored signature ingredient - Oud essential oil - in luxury skincare form.

For the first time ever, Khalm Skincare®  translates Oud’s power in its pure essence through advanced, luxury skincare to a global audience who may have been intoxicated by its aroma in the past but has never experienced it in a luxury skincare ritual.

3rd Century AD - Extracted in central Vietnam


Oud originates from the forests of the Indian Subcontinent & South East Asia, in particular, from the Agar (aquilaria) tree. Referred to some as Oudh, Aloeswood, Agarwood, Gaharu, and most adoringly, liquid gold, it is produced as a result of a bacterial infection. When the Aquilaria tree feels this infection it produces the dark and richly scented resin as a means of protection. 

Late 16th Century - Incense use in China, India, and Japan during mystical ceremonies and Fengshui Practices.


Centuries of traditional uses of Oud is documented and accounted for from all over the world.

Ayurvedic medicinal therapies are keen to use Oud’s properties to promote body healing, increase mental clarity, and in opening the third eye along with all of the upper chakras while calming the entire spiritual system.

17th Century - King Louis XIV of France identifies Oud as a key ingredient for washing his clothes in.

Present Day

France’s introduction to agarwood oil came in the form of King Louis XIV, who instructed that his clothes be washed in Oud.

Today the aromatic fragrance can be found in an array of luxury perfume brands located in Europe, Middle East, South Asia, only to name a few.

Today - Prized as an oil and personal perfume. Primarily commercialized in fine fragrances and home fragrances.

"Oud is astonishingly rare. It has a very particular scent and there is nothing like it on the market. It’s dark, rich, and opaque."

Chandler Burr Former New York Times perfume critic and author of The Emperor of Scent

Yasmin Khan, Founder of Khalm

"With every Khalm Skincare® experience lies the essence of a place, moment, or memory that Oud and its scent evoked for me. I want everyone to relish in la vie en Oud with these thoughtfully created products and create their own Oud memories. Creating a gorgeous skincare line is my way of saying I deserve the best and so do you."

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