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Recieve Free Standard Shipping for purchases over $200 with code “FreeShip” Shop Now

Oud Science®

The essences of Oud through advanced skincare, as a source of equilibrium and rejuvenation.

Infused with Oud Essential Oil

Each Khalm Skincare® product is infused with Oud Essential Oil and thoughtfully selected natural active ingredients to:

  • target specific skin concerns
  • provide anti-oxidant protective action
  • release the skin from impurities
  • rebalance the skin’s pH levels
  • provide long lasting hydration
  • reassure a perfectly harmonious and radiant complexion

A fragrance blend of sensual Oud and distinctive Musk Leather further accentuates the scent story while neutralizing products for daily application.


The Oud resin has an exceptional self-defense mechanism that provides a healing effect on the tree - reflective of an antioxidant action that can also benefit the skin.

Agarwood (Oud) Essential Oil Composition*

  • Anti-oxidants
  • Fatty acids
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflammatory

*Based on an independent analysis conducted for chemical characterization (at qualitative level) of Agarwood Essential Oil (2018).

Objectifying Oud through Biomimetics. The science of mimicking nature, in the development of new materials and products.

Introducing The Khalm Skincare® Skincare Collection

A line of multi-benefit skincare products based on anti-oxidant activity, aromatherapy and chronobiology.

  • Focusing on skin typologies
  • Leveraging on the iconicity of Oud
  • Complementing efficacious active ingredients
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Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC)* An index system for measuring the antioxidant potency of food and it’s ability to fight against free radicals.

Essential Oils ORAC value (per 100g)
Clove 10,786,875
Thyme 159,590
Oregano 153,007
Savory Mountains 113,071
Ceylon Cinnamon Bark 103,448
Oud 97,100**
Eucalyptus Globular 24,157
Bitter Orange - Zest 18,898
Lemongrass 17,765
Italian Helichrysum 17,420
True Lavender 3,669
Food (Fruits & Vegetables)
Ningxia Goji Berries 25,600
Spirulina Powder 24,000
Prune 5,770
Blueberry 2,400
Alfalfa 930
Beets 840

*This measurement method, which is recognized worldwide, was established in the United States by the NIH (National Institute of Health).**Test Source: Independent Antioxidant analysis conducted using ORAC Methodology (2018).

Oud Essential Oil has the sixth highest anti-oxidant potency value on Earth.

In a clinical study After 28 days of use*

With Khalm Skincare®  Salicylic Foaming Cleanser 77% of people analyzed experienced a clearer, softer complexion, and 86% said it was perfectly conditioned for the next step in the skincare ritual.

With Khalm Skincare®  Mattyfying Moisturizer 82% of people analyzed experienced skin having instant moisture and 77% experienced it protected them from external & environmental aggressions.

With Khalm Skincare®  Overnight Oil Elixir 83% of people analyzed experienced glowy and even complexion. 87% experienced intense skin nourishment.

*Tested under Dermatological control. 22 Women Volunteers with average age of 39, between 21-63 years old Length of Trial - 28 days

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