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Our Story

Khalm Skincare®  is where beauty-backed science meets the healing ritual of Oud fragrance. Indulge in a luxurious, therapeutic, and powerful skincare routine.

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The aroma of Oud has always been a part of my story, from my childhood in Pakistan to my adult obsession with luxury fragrance. For me, it’s the scent of internal healing. I created Khalm Skincare® simply because nothing else like it existed - clean ingredients, exquisite scent, and science-backed skincare.

- Yasmin Khan, Founder

Why Oud?

Khalm Skincare®  Principles

Oud Science®

Oud Science® is Khalm Skincare®  proprietary formulation, the essence of Oud reinvented through advanced skincare. All our lines will focus on driving results with Oud essential oil at the cornerstone of our DNA.

Minimize Plastics

80% of Khalm Skincare®  formulations are housed in glass bottles which can be recycled after fully cleaning the bottle. Where we can minimize plastic usage we try to do so.

Do No Harm

Khalm Skincare®  is cruelty-free and vegan certified by PETA. The EU (European Union) regulates our formulations and manufacturing processes. Khalm Skincare®  is CITES certified making sure we do not harm any species of plants and fauna.

Naturally Derived Ingredients

Khalm Skincare®  line is a mixture of Oud essential oil and naturally derived ingredients for effective results. Khalm Skincare®  remains 90% or higher in ingredients of natural origin. Khalm Skincare®  is paraben, phenoxyethanol, and phthalate free.

Meet Dr. Qamar Khan

Everyone has someone they are crazy about. Dr. Khan is the love of my life, he is my north star. Ours is an unusual love story that rivals all stories, but for a later time. He is my muse, guide, supporter in all things “Yasmin” and “Khalm®”. He is a greater Oud Devotee than myself, and that is saying something. He is a pioneer in regenerative medicine and he would hate that I said this about him, he is a very humble soul. Without him all things are not possible and without me he is not certain. We make a great forever team. Sometimes at the medical office people call him “Dr. Khalm®” because he is so calm. When Dr. Khan is not practicing medicine he is expanding his luxury perfume collection. His favorite Khalm® products are the Mattifying Moisturizer and the Salicylic Foaming Cleanser.

Why Oud?Shop Now


Growing up in Pakistan, I was surrounded by the warm, woodsy aroma of Oud. My parents would light Oud incense (Agarbatti) daily for its powers to clear the mind and activate the senses. Ayurvedic medicine uses Oud to promote healing and calming, increase mental clarity, and open the third eye.

As an adult in the United States, I naturally gravitated toward Oud-scented perfumes and candles. Its fragrance kept me grounded, and I felt it delivered internal healing. Then, I discovered it had much deeper potential beyond aromatherapy.

Oud essential oil has the sixth-highest antioxidant potency value on Earth. It’s a strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Recent research has shown it to have anticarcinogenic effects.

A clean beauty and luxury skincare fanatic, I immediately searched for Oud-focused products. However, as hard as I looked, there were none to be found.

I created Khalm Skincare® to anchor my heritage to my habits and make mindfulness and healing present in the everyday. The Oud rituals already existed - present in therapeutic ceremonies and medicinal practices for centuries. Khalm Skincare® invites these rituals into your skincare routine.

Why Oud?

"I created Khalm Skincare® to anchor my heritage to my habits and make mindfulness and healing present in the everyday." - Yasmin Khan, Founder

Khalm Oud Infused Skincare
Khalm Oud Infused Skincare


When I could not find Oud skincare products, I ventured to the epicenter of luxury skincare and luxury fragrance - Paris. Working with world-class noses and chemists, we created the first Khalm Skincare® products, Oud-infused skincare with highly effective active ingredients, backed by science, and boasting the highest clean-beauty standards.

Khalm Skincare® mission is to be a global leader in natural, luxury skincare and wellness by leveraging the transformative power of beauty rituals to deliver an indulgent, calming, and healing experience.

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Khalm Oud Infused Skincare

Mindful Sourcing

Khalm®'s core ingredient, Oud (Agarwood) Essential Oil, is 100% natural and sustainably sourced from a family owned business spanning over 20 years in Vietnam. A CITES-certified facility, the plantation grows its own Aquilaria Crassnatrees to produce high-quality Oud, targeting phthalate level below 250 ppm and with very little use of plastic in the process.

Why Oud?

Clean Beauty

Khalm® believes in the Clean Beauty movement and creates products using only the highest quality ingredients, sustainably sourced to the best of our abilities with safety and self-care as a cornerstone in the development process.

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