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Recieve Free Standard Shipping for purchases over $200 with code “FreeShip” Shop Now

Khalm Skincare Trial Test




The Khalm Team is very excited to have you test out our HERO product - the Overnight Oil Elixir for the next 28 days and all you have to do is:

1. Give us your very honest opinion in a survey & a review on our website

2. Take a before and after photo of your results.

After the end of 28 days, if we receive your BEFORE & AFTER in our inbox, we have an extra surprise for you (VALUE of over $400).


A little bit about Khalm Skincare


Our product line is Made in France so it is the ultimate in luxury and clean beauty, since the EU bans about 1300+ toxins before you can sell your products under the EU commission. We are parabens-free, cruelty-free, vegan and gluten free. Our whole mission is to get amazing culture driven products to our consumers. And Khalm products are gender neutral, so we have everyone covered. 

For our trial purposes, you will be testing out our Overnight Oil Elixir.


  • Intensive hydration
  • Healthy glow & clear complexion
  • Collagen booster
  • Natural UV protection
  • Detoxify, brighten the skin + calm redness
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation & appearance of wrinkles and scars
  • Halt the aging process

Read more about Khalm Overnight Oil Elixir


Don’t let it fool you, it can be used whenever you want, but it's most optimal at night. Formulated with Oud, our signature supercharged anti-oxidant originating from the AgarWood tree in South East Asia, it is a relaxing ritual that will calm you and give you results. 

Directions as follows:

Apply 1-2 drops on a perfectly cleansed face every night- super easy peasy!

Already influencers, the media and customers are telling us about our products but we wanted a very unbiased, real and thoughtful assessment of our brand so we chose YOU to help us with this. We are excited that you will help us in the process.

All you have to do is give to read through the terms & conditions and SIGN UP and we will take it from there and deliver an oil to your doorstep.

Remember to do the following:

(1) Take a before picture in your bathroom or near the best part of your house that has good light the day you get the oil. Now remember, you will take the 30 day picture at the same spot near the same time. We want our reflections to be spot on so this is important since we thrive here on being transparent

(2) Take a survey at the end of your 28 days, contact us and we  will send you a survey link-its only 10-15 questions so will not take too much of your time

(3) At the end of the trial, once we have the survey and your gorgeous face (for our Khalm team to tell the world about your experience with the brand), we will send you a thank you package (Value of over $400).

(4) Optional: we also don’t mind you sharing your results so please do so by using the hastag #keepitkhalm on your social media and we will be sure to use it in our feed and stories.

You will be asked to provide 3 sets of Before & After as the examples below:

Set 1: Full face before & after

Set 2 : Half face before & after

Set 3 : Trouble spots or area of skin concerns

Important Disclaimer: By registering for this trial test, you are giving Khalm Skincare the permission to use your Before & After photo on our social media & marketing materials (digital & print). If you are not comfortable sharing your full face before & after, we can blur out your eyes or cropped out your before & after content.



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