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Make Like a Monk: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Mindful Meditation

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Make Like a Monk: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Mindful Meditation

Written by Amelia Koch Lochridge. Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash.

Stillness: a practice, a scent, a state of being. Our Khalm Skincare® products feature Agarwood or Oud, precious wood crystalized from the essence of the earth. We introduced Oud into our products with our chic and modern customer in mind.

For Tibetan Monks, Oud has historically been integral to ritual and meditation practices. Legend has it that this ancient wood was only created in deep, sacred forest, spent many years absorbing the quintessence and air to crystalized and form. Agarwood (Oud) has since been associated with many legends that this is the scented wood that does not belong to the mundane world but to the scent of the spiritual realm, of Nirvana, and of the Noble One.

India’s sages have called it the ‘scent of nirvana’ for its deeply healing aroma, which bring calmness and clarity, and releases pent up stress and negativity.

Tibetan Monks believe that burning Agarwood while meditating will transcend earthly woes and bring one to a place of enlightenment. Oud calms the body, removes destructive and negative energies, provides enhanced awareness, reduces fear, invokes a feeling of vigor and harmony, and enhances mental functionality.

After a supremely stressful year, this sounds incredible right?

Below are a few tips for productive meditation from 'The Urban Monk', by Dr. Bhante Saranapala, that you might integrate into your daily practices:

  • Start in a relaxed seated position, drawing attention to the breath.
  • Slowly begin to notice any subtle sensations that may be arising.
  • Begin to slowly scan the body starting with the eyebrows, eyes, ears, nose and mouth.
  • Then progressively move down to the neck, shoulders, right arm, right hand, left arm, left hand.
  • Then the back, chest, abdomen, right leg, left leg, right foot and left foot.
  • Then again, face, eyebrows, nose, neck, shoulders, right hand, left hand, back, chest, abdomen, right leg, left leg, right foot, left foot.
  • Then take a deep breath and relax.
  • Bring full attention to the breath. See if you can breathe in and out through the nose with full attention.
  • Breathe in and out reciting may I be well may I be happy may I be peaceful.
  • Breathe in, and recite aloud: "May I be..."
  • Breathe out, and recite aloud: "happy."
  • Breathe in, and recite aloud "May I be..."
  • Breath out, and recite aloud "peaceful."
  • This is mindful breathing, and loving-kindness meditation.
  • Practice this everyday for at least 15 minutes.

At Khlam, we believe in elevating and integrating these ancient practices into a modern lifestyle. Each Khalm Skincare® product is infused with Oud Essential Oil and thoughtfully selected natural active ingredients to: target specific skin concerns, provide anti-oxidant protective action, release the skin from impurities, rebalance the skin’s pH levels, provide long lasting hydration, reassure a perfectly harmonious and radiant complexion. A fragrance blend of sensual Oud and distinctive Musk Leather further accentuates the scent story while neutralizing products for daily application.

Our suggestion to you, find comfort in ritual. Give yourself the gift of calm, of stillness, of enlightenment. We’re out here thriving, not just surviving.

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