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Meet the South Asian Beauty Influencers Shaping the Industry

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Meet the South Asian Beauty Influencers Shaping the Industry

The beauty industry hasn’t always lived up to its name. In fact, until quite recently, the number of characteristics labeled “ugly” has been disheartening to witness. Unrealistic standards, unhealthy practices, and heavily skewed ideals are far too common.

Fortunately, things have taken a turn for the better with the advent of social media. People worldwide can now share their beauty culture online, inspiring others to embrace and celebrate their own story, their own body, their own beauty.

Being historically underrepresented in the beauty industry, South Asian beauty influencers are among those pushing for inclusivity and celebrating individuality. Meet some of the names at the forefront of this pivotal beauty revolution.

Seerat Saini

Like most women on our list, Seerat Saini believes beauty must be decolonized. From the moment she started pursuing blogging, her goal has remained the same – to encourage South Asian women to step into their power. With numerous Ayurvedic hair care tutorials, graphic eye looks, and skincare reviews, she’s a beacon of light for South Asian women (particularly Punjabi-American women) who let the world convince them that they weren’t beautiful for far too long.

Instagram: @seeratsaini

Nabela Noor

Nabela Noor, an American-Bangladeshi beauty influencer, is a ray of sunshine personified. She has long decided to toss aside unrealistic beauty expectations and play by her own rules. Besides feeling seen and representing herself, she wants to change the game for her fellow South Asians, empowering them to feel confident in their skin.

Instagram: @nabela

Nusrat Ali

Constantly told by society that she wasn’t beautiful enough, Nusrat Ali grew up disliking her skin color and avoiding colorful makeup. Her perception changed when she discovered the South Asian skincare community on Instagram that welcomed her with open arms. She now embraces her heritage proudly and loudly. This includes numerous colorful makeup looks (no shade is off-limits) and homemade skincare and hair care concoctions.

Instagram: @iiroshnii

Anchal Seda

With her “What Would the Aunties Say” podcast and carefully curated Instagram feed, Anchal Seda is challenging South Asian taboos and stigma in more ways than one. Regarding beauty, she wants to ensure that Asian women aren’t just an afterthought for big brands. For this reason, she never shies away from showcasing her culture across her digital platforms. 

Instagram: @anchal


The British-Indian beauty blogger Kaushal celebrates her Desi descent in all its glory, and nearly 2.50 million people on YouTube and a million on Instagram are here for it. Take a look at any of her social media platforms, and you won’t see airbrush, filters, and impossible beauty standards. What you will see is a treasure trove of helpful tips and daily reminders to embrace natural beauty and love yourself unconditionally.

Instagram: @kaushal

Diipa Büller-Khosla

Indian-born Diipa Büller-Khosla has amassed quite a following online. She continuously lends her considerable influence to the battle to end colorism in Bollywood and the media once and for all. As a tireless crusader for positive change, she has become a beloved figure in the South Asian beauty community and beyond. She’s also launched a South Asian beauty brand focusing on Ayurvedic skincare.

Instagram: @diipakhosla

Rowi Singh

Take one look at her Instagram feed, and you’ll realize that Rowi Singh doesn’t let anyone dim her light. With a kaleidoscope of abstract makeup looks filled with bold strokes of pigment, sparkling glitters, and mesmerizing textures, she brings something entirely new to the industry. As always, the goal is to empower others with the same ambitions.

Instagram: @rowisingh

Deepica Mutyala

Growing up, Deepica Mutyala never saw South Asian women in the media, let alone the beauty industry. She set out to change that. Judging by the numerous magazine covers and TV appearances, hundreds of thousands of followers across social media channels, and a burgeoning South Asian beauty brand, one thing is clear; she’s been quite successful on this journey.

Instagram: @deepica

Ankita Chaturvedi

Ankita Chaturvedi’s Instagram feed and YouTube channel are all about makeup, skincare, hair care tips, and product reviews specifically catered to the South Asian community. Inclusivity is at the core of her content, which she hopes will transform into a safe space for beauty lovers worldwide.

Instagram: @corallistablog

Breaking Beauty Boundaries

The importance of South Asian beauty influencers in an industry that hasn’t always celebrated people who look like them can’t be understated. The same goes for any South Asian beauty brands aiming to challenge traditional beauty standards and celebrate diverse beauty ideals.

Khalm Skincare® ranks high among these brands, which have become powerful market disruptors. With its line of Oud-infused skincare products, this brand has brought something never before seen to the table, sharing the wonders of agarwood essential oils with the world.