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Khalm Skincare® is Rooted in Love

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Khalm Skincare® is Rooted in Love

Khalm Skincare® is a love story. A love for Oud. A love for ingredients. A love for clean beauty. All culminating into a passionate love of self. 

One of the most emphasized aspects of Khalm Skincare® is the passion for the ingredients used in the products. Yasmin’s personal discovery of Oud, an old world essential oil from agarwood, created a passionate desire to revolutionize skincare with this unique ingredient. Khalm Skincare® love for Oud is based on its powerful healing and calming effects. As a source of equilibrium and rejuvenation, Oud rebalances the skin’s pH levels, provides antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, and targets specific skin concerns and impurities. With a strong belief in the power of Oud, Khalm Skincare® is ready to share this love story with the world by providing Oud based skincare products to global consumers. 

In addition to Oud, Khalm Skincare® is devoted to creating skincare products with the highest quality ingredients. Prickly pear is a skincare ingredient that is not commonly used in more basic skincare lines because of its price. It was selected to be part of Khalm Skincare® skincare line for its anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. It is typically unusual for someone to recommend putting a spiny cactus on your face but prickly pear has a nutrient rich core with omegas, amino acids, and vitamins. As part of Khalm Skincare® love for high quality and clean ingredients, prickly pear serves as a key aspect of the 95-99% of natural ingredients in Khalm Skincare® formulas. 

Khalm Skincare® originated from Yasmin’s journey to self love through skincare and has evolved with a goal to help all women find confidence and self love. Yasmin found her love for skincare in the hydrating and restorative properties of French skincare. The combination of French skincare and Oud brought Yasmin on a self love journey that she wants to share with the world. By providing women with high quality skincare, Khalm Skincare® goal is to help women feel comfortable in their own skin and succeed in their own journeys to self love. 


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