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How is Khalm Skincare® sustainably sourced from our forests?

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How is Khalm Skincare® sustainably sourced from our forests?

At Khalm Skincare®, we use a very special ingredient known as Oud oil also known as Agarwood. Though it is a key ingredient in Khalm Skincare® products it is also critically endangered due to its use worldwide. It is sought out by many companies because of its rich scent and properties. 

That is why here at Khalm Skincare®, we use sustainably farmed Oud from a man-made forest therefore making Khalm Skincare® Cites Certified. What is Cites? It’s an international agreement between governments to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten the survival of the species. 

We have partnered with industry experts to not further endanger this species and instead help cultivate it. Our partners use local people in Vietnam to grow the Oud trees and make the oil that we use in our products which involves the following steps:

Step 1: Origination: The seeds must be chosen in the nursery and are at least 30 cm high. They have to hoe the land in preparation for the seedlings and create holes

Step 2: 7-10 year plan: The trees have to grow for a minimum of 10 years which means the land has to be maintained. The trees are then injected with liquid over 7 years in order to help them fully grow

Step 3: Cutting and Selection: The wood is cut into smaller pieces and then hand-sorted to figure out what products to make. The white wood is used to make solid oil while the gray wood is used to make liquid oil

Step 4: Maceration: The wood is ground into a powder and then stored in a stainless steel barrel

Step 5: Distillation: The wood is heated at high temperatures and can last anywhere between 3 and 6 days

Step 6: Finished Product: The finished product is oil which is separated by solid and liquid 

This organization has helped many children around the world with this project such as providing a community and education to children. It is important to preserve this sacred oil while helping and providing the community with what they need. Khalm Skincare® feels strongly about this mission. Because of our passion to save endangered ecosystems all our Oud ingredients come from this Cites Certified facility. We are proud to be stewards of the planet that in return cares for us. 

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