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The Benefits of Oud

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The Benefits of Oud

With the broadening makeup and skincare industry, people are asking a big question which has been changing the game. Should fragrance be in skincare and beauty products? People are weighing the benefits and costs and new research has come out about fragrances. We are going to answer that question for you.

Why is fragrance used in skincare and beauty?

Fragrances are often used to smell pleasant and invoke certain emotions in people. They create a sensory bliss for people using the product. They can be used to associate with a feeling, person, or place. It can enhance the experience of using the product and can differentiate that product from others. 

What fragrances do we use?

At Khalm Skincare®, we use a specific fragrance: Oud. It has been used for centuries and originated in South East Asia. Commonly called agarwood, or gaharu, Oud has become a luxury fragrance used all over the world. It is used across various cultures such as in Buddhism and Islam. Many Muslims burn Oud to scent their houses and their clothes. 

What are the benefits of Oud?

Calming Properties: Oud is known to remove negative energies and boosts feelings of harmony and content. It is used to relieve stress and many cultures believe it has spiritual benefits. The fragrance can put people in a meditative state while giving them mental strength and stability. 

Medicinal Properties: A natural tonic, Oud has been known to help digestive functions. It removes toxins in the body and relieves pain quickly. When applied to the joints and skin, it is known to reduce inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. It is phenomenal to help heal cuts and wounds and relieves itchiness in the skin. 

In Skincare: Oud can eliminate toxins in and reduce swelling in the skin. It removes bacteria, fine lines, wrinkles, and marks. It regenerates new skin cells in order to fight premature aging. Oud oil is also great for sun protection because it creates a good barrier. Lastly, Oud is known to increase collagen synthesis which provides structure to the skin and keeps it lifted. 

Why did we create skincare centered around Oud?

It was a perfect combination to bring fragrance and remedy together that is “better for you”. Changing perceptions in beauty, bringing inclusivity in product assortment and raising awareness for differing cultural traditions is what we are about here. Sharing this innovation with everyone is exciting & new while we strive to change the beauty industry all at once to reflect the spirit of diversity.

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